Local Society Events

Eastern Michigan Hosta Society

The Eastern Michigan Hosta Society meets second Thursday of the month except for January, March (Hosta College), and November
(our annual Board Meeting). Our winter meeting place is:
Mayfield Twp. Hall
1900 N. Saginaw Rd.
Lapeer, MI 48446
The summer meetings are held at member’s gardens.
Our time schedule is:
5:00 Networking
6:00 Potluck
7:00 Program
8:00 Business Meeting
All Newsletters, Meeting Minutes, and up-to-date information can be found on the EMHS blog at:
The Calendar of dates for 2017 is:
Meeting Dates- Places- Speakers/topic
Jan – no meeting
Feb 9- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_____________
Mar – Hosta College – no meeting
April 13- Mayfield Twp. Hall- ?________________
May 11- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_________________
June 08- ?______________________, ?_________________
July 13- ?______________________, ?_________________
Aug 10- ?______________________, ?_________________
Sept 14 – ?______________________, Plant Exchange
Oct 12- Mayfield Twp. Hall, ?_________________
Nov 09- Annual Board Meeting, Whitey’s in Davison
Dec 14- Christmas Party, Mayfield Twp. Hall

The Metro Detroit Hosta Society

The Metro Detroit Hosta Society meets at 7pm, (usually on the Fourth Monday of the Months of September, October, November, January, February and March) at the First United Methodist Church Birmingham, 1589 W. Maple Rd., Birmingham MI and the month of April at Telly's Greenhouse, 3301 John R. Rd., Troy, MI
(where we always get a preview of the newest annuals and perennials for the year.

For the 2017 year our meetings will feature the following speakers and topics: January 23 Joseph
Tychonievich "Think Outside the Hosta, Cool Plants for the Shade Garden"; February 27 Virginia
Froehlich - "Founding Fathers, Green Thumbs"; March 27 Sandy Wilkins - "Gardening as we grow

Saginaw Valley Hosta Society

The Saginaw Valley Hosta Society meets at the Rustic Inn in St. Charles on the 2nd Wednesday of September,
November, February and April. There are 4 monthly summer meetings (May through August)
at members gardens. Times and dates vary and have not yet been established for 2017.

Southwestern Michigan Hosta Society meets in the Kalamazoo area.

West Michigan Hosta Society

The West Michigan Hosta Society meets twice a year for membership meetings in February and August and most months between February and September for events such as tours, potlucks, auctions, and bus trips.
Meeting locations vary and are moved around the West Michigan area.

Dates, times and locations are subject to change.

Questions are sometimes asked about the relationship of the local hosta societies to the Michigan Hosta Society. A little history is perhaps the easiest way to answer most of those questions. In the mid-90’s MHS held a meeting to discuss the feasibility of sponsoring or helping in the establishment of some local societies around the state. There was a growing need for a way to get more information about hostas out to the increasing number of gardeners who were growing hostas. MHS had tried winter meetings but because of the long distances involved the meetings had to be on weekends; that and the winter weather often made them poorly attended. The establishment of some local chapters seemed to be the best way to meet the needs of our members.
As the result of the initial meeting, members of six areas in the state said they were going to look into starting a local group. Some of those groups were immediately formed; others have happened in the intervening years. All of the groups are financially independent and operated under their own bylaws. Membership in MHS as well as the local group is encouraged but not mandatory.

For information on the local societies or the Michigan Hosta Society contact: MHS@hostahappenings.com