A Michigan summer activity is the Annual Meeting and Workday at Hidden Lake Gardens near Tipton, Michigan. Members gather for a day of activity in the garden as well as lunch and a lively auction.

Many hands made it a very successful workday as over 40 members worked on regraveling paths, checking plant labels and, of course, pulling weeds.

Butch was there early and was busy planting new donations as well as weeding while Bev's crew checked on labels and plant locations.


Phil worked at regraveling paths and after a hard mornings work there was time for a cup of coffee. Bob and Mark took a break and discussed the next project.


By lunchtime Indiana Bob and Ann Arbor Bob had the auctions plants sorted and were ready for the auction to begin.

About eighty attendees had gathered for lunch and for the auction. Before going home many stopped back by the hillside to survey the work they had done and to enjoy the beauty of the garden. Members take great pride in having created and maintaining this outstanding public garden.




   These are but a few of the many vistas at The Benedict Hosta Hillside at Hidden Lake Gardens.