MICHIGAN Hosta Society - May 2022                           

Hi everyone,

Spring has finally sprung and it won’t be long before our gardens begin to pop. We recently received an initial dose of gardening thanks to another great virtual Hosta College that should motivate us to begin cleaning up our gardens and enjoying some warmer weather.
As a reminder, we want to let you know that on Saturday, May 21, we will gather at Hosta Hillside, Hidden Lake Gardens, 6214 Monroe Rd, Tipton, MI. beginning around 9 a.m. We will work on cleanup and general maintenance until noon and then convene to the administration building for a luncheon supplied by Michigan Hosta Society. After we finish our lunch, Don Rawson has so graciously volunteered to give us a lecture that is sure to help all of us in our own gardens. Don’s topic is "Back to Basics: Digging and Splitting Hostas" and he says, “I will cover my preferred method for digging up large clumps of hostas for transplanting and splitting, with minimal root damage and transplant shock. I think that even longtime gardeners will find the presentation helpful.” We look forward to hearing what Don has to say with shovels ready to give it a try!

It’s been quite a while since many of you have gathered with us. Please come visit with old friends and make new ones even if you have physical limitations. We would really like to see you there!
Michael Greanya
Chair, Hosta Hillside