MICHIGAN Hosta Society                            

Annual Meeting and Workday
Sunday, August 19, 2018, 9:00 AM
Hidden Lake Gardens

Please join us at 9:00 a.m. Sunday, August 19, 2018 at Hidden Lake Gardens in Tipton, Michigan (6214 Monroe Road Hwy, M-50, Tipton, MI 49287) for our annual workday at the Benedict Hosta Hillside. Following our cleanup of the Hillside, we will move to the big tent set up near the parking lot for our picnic luncheon (donations accepted). Following the picnic, we will have a short business meeting and then commence with our hosta auction. Our auction is a major source of funding for the Michigan Hosta Society. It would be greatly appreciated if everyone could bring plant donations for the auction.
We are not planning on mulching the Hillside during this workday. Weeds are abundant and many beds have hosta that need deadheading. We are going to try to prioritize beds that have the worst problems with weeds and deadheading and start with those beds first. When you arrive, please stop at the table in the parking lot at the top of the Hillside first and get a donut before you start so that you will have your sugar rush necessary to plow through the assigned work detail. Then ask for a bed assignment. It is important that we get just a few people in each bed so that we can spread out across the entire Hillside. Please bring your gloves and maybe your Felco's, possibly a trowel in case a weed has deep roots, and anything else you might have that you use in your own beds to simplify the task. We should have 5-gallon buckets provided by Hidden Lake Gardens.
On another note, for the past several years, it has been a goal of the MHS to collect as many of Herb Benedict's hostas as possible. We would like to establish the largest collection of Herb's hostas in the country if possible and display them in a collection in his hybridizer bed at the Hillside. We need your help. Below, you will see a list of Benedict cultivars that we need. There may be some that have been inadvertently omitted, so if you have one not on the list and it is not in the Hillside right now, we would like to have a piece of it. If you can help us add to our collection, please email us at mhs@hostahappenings.com to let us know what you plan on brining to the workday. This will allow us to plan space and make a label for your donation. We appreciate your help greatly with this very worthy task.

Benedict Hosta needed for the Hosta Hillside at Hidden Lake Gardens
as of August 2018
'Alligator Shoes'
'Amethyst Chip'
'Amethyst Facet'
'At Attention'
'Autumn Joy'
'Baby Blue'
'Bashful Polly'
'Benedict's Heart's
'Benedict's Jelly Bean'
'Benedict's Regal
'Benedict's Wild Fire'
'Best Yet'
'Black and Blue'
'Blast Off'
'Blue Butterfly'
‘Blue Chip'
'Blue Clown'
‘Blue Dream’
'Blue for You'
‘Blue Hearts'
‘Blue Jewel'
'Blue Lollipop'
'Blue Pebbles'
'Blue Sliver'
‘Blue Steel’
'Blue Urchin'
'Blue Valentine'
'Blue Vamp'
‘Blue Whirls’
'Blue You Bet'
'Blueberry Swirl'
‘Bob Olson’
'Bold Intrigue'
'Cool Blue'
‘Country Gentleman'
‘Crested Surf’
'Curly Top'
'Dorothy Benedict'
'Dorothy's Brass Band'
'Dorset Clown'
'Emerson's Small One'
'Evening Prayers'
‘Ewa Yoto Moto'
'Fan Dance'
'Flower Song'
'Go Dorothy'
'Golden Bouquet'
'Golden Cascades'
‘Golden Eagle'
‘Golden Hawk'
'Golden Picture'
'Golden Torch'
‘Golden Wiggler'
‘Goody Goody'
‘Grand Finale'
'Grand Gold'
‘Grand Slam'
‘Grandaddy Red Legs'
'Green Blade'
'Green Feather'
'Gretchen Harshbarger'
'Hebe Blue'
'Hello There'
'Hideko Gowen'
‘Hideko Tajima'
'High Style'
'Holly's Gold'
'Holly's Velvet Piecrust'
'Hot Flash'
'Hot Lips'
'I Bluit'
'Imperial Potentate'
‘Iszat U Doc’
‘Jelly Belly'
'Jim Wilkins'
'Larry Englerth'
'Late Jewel'
‘Lavender Lace'
‘Lemon Twist’
'Lime Wrinkles'
'Little Jack Frost'
'Little Jill'
‘Little Slam Bang'
'Lover's Leap'
'Mean Mama'
'Mellow Yellow'
‘Momma Mia’
'Mountain Pride'
'My Child Insook'
'My Friend Nancy'
'My Love Dorothy'
'Nifty Fifty'
'Now and Then'
'Odd Ball'
'One Man's Treasure'
'Over the Waves'
'Painted Lady'
'Party Time'
'Pitty Pat'
'Plain Jane'
'Pumpkin Pie'
‘Purple Passion'
'Purple Perfection'
‘Purple Verticulated Elf'
‘Rainbow Delight'
'Red Wing'
'Reddy Eddy'
'Rhapsody in Blue'
'Robyn Duback'
'Roy's Pink'
'Ruby Benedict'
'Run Around'
‘Sarah Fackey'
‘Satin Bloomer’
‘September White'
'Show Off'
‘Simply Sharon'
'Slim and Trim'
'Sunlight Child'
‘Sweet Bo Peep’
‘Sweet Jill'
'Sweet Marjorie'
'The Wind Blew'
'Tinker Blue'
'Tom Boy'
'Tsuma Tjima'
'Velvet Bows'
'White Dove'
‘White Princess'
'White Swan'
‘Wilson Lake'
'Yellow Bird'
'Yellow Blade'