MICHIGAN Hosta Society                            

Letter from the President:

I know I say this every year, but it is an unusual winter. I just came inside from rummaging around in my yard because it is 43 degrees outside, and it's the second week in January. I have Hellebores that are breaking dormancy, and Mums that are sending up new foliage. Maybe there is something to this global warming. The 2020 calendar for the Michigan Hosta Society is taking shape. Our dates at Hidden Lake Gardens are set. Our Spring workday is Saturday, May 16, and the annual meeting and work session is August 23. Come join us for either or both sessions. On the 16th we will work on the Hillside until noon, have lunch, hear a speaker, and hold a bag raffle. After that the board will hold their spring meeting. On the 23rd we work on the Hillside until noon break for lunch, have our annual meeting, and end with a plant auction. This is an important year for the MHS as we will be getting the Hillside ready for the American Hosta Society national convention which will be held in Kalamazoo in 2021.
It will be interesting to get back to Hidden Lake Gardens and our nationally recognized Hillside to see how well the new bed with the 100-plus Hosta from the Wade family survived the winter, as well as the plants we moved and new beds we created last August.

Grey Gitzen
MHS President